Silver Hill Fisch seafood sausages… in 5 delicious flavours!

  • myrtle salmon – fresh atlantic salmon with tangy lemon myrtle and ginger, a mild and original taste.
  • wasabi salmon – fresh atlantic salmon with a subtle blend of Tasmanian wasabi, and a palatable heat that kicks in afterwards.
  • chilli salmon – fresh atlantic salmon in a classic chilli coriander and lime – the original thai style flavours.
  • dill ocean trout – fresh ocean trout with a combination of succulent, locally grown lemon and dill.
  • cajun ocean trout – fresh ocean trout in a rich, mild spiced combination.

“We fish around for good reasons…”

  • no chemicals or preservatives, GLUTEN FREE
  • no food colourings or sausage fillers
  • 90% salmon, fresh herbs & spices
  • a rich source of omega 3, Q10 & vitamin E
  • great versatile flavours, for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Tasmanian grown and made, direct from the source
  • quality controlled in small batches
  • a healthy BBQ alternative!


I just got recommended these by a total stranger, you must be doing something right!

– Carly H, Bellerive TAS

That was the absolutely most amazing thing I’ve tasted – my husband doesn’t even eat salmon, but he loved it.

– Natasha S, Blue Mountains NSW

Oh my gosh that’s stunning… so good. You should try this!

– Jane K, Melbourne VIC

I’m sorry I was so full that I couldn’t go another.

– David F, Dubbo NSW

For someone who doesnt eat red meat, they taste very meaty.

– Yasmine Y, Hobart

Amazing, never tried anything like it before.

– Yael F, Israel

That’s probably the best sausage I’ve ever eaten.

– Jade P, Melbourne

I’m going to be dreaming about these!

– Rob V, Broome

I don’t even like fish, but that was delicious.

– Grant G, Launceston

I had to come back, my wife just had one and it was unreal. I couldn’t comprehend in my mind what that would taste like. amazing.

– Luke S, Hobart

Absolutely beautiful. I love the zing of the zesty salad that you serve with it.

– Sue C, WA

Just fantastic, the dill & lemon just perfect.

– Robert L, Brisbane

My friend told me about these – just had to come and try!

– Caroline D, Paris, France

For information on where you can try or purchase our seafood sausages, please see our stockists page!